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A probe bet is a bet out of position after the player who could have made a continuation bet on the prior street did not make that continuation bet. 19 Dec In today's game, the most common example of a pure bluff is the increasingly popular "float" maneuver. After raising pre-flop, most players make a standard continuation bet on the flop - whether they've improved their hand or not. Float the flop; then simply bet the turn if your. Probe Bet. Noun. A bet made primarily to gain information by gauging opponents' reactions, especially a small bet made in pot-limit or no-limit games.

whats your thought on probe betting? which is what I think betting to get information on an opponent? so in which case, isn't it like donk betting. 11 Jun This article deals with turn probe bets (probes) and looks into some less strong fundamentals as poker player it is necessary to have a good. 19 Sep Since the mid s, I've been promising a Microsoft Windows version of Poker Probe. I finally programmed a simple Windows version of.

A bet made primarily to check your opponents' reactions, in order to gather information. This tends to be a small bet made in pot-limit or no-limit games. Poker Probe [Mike Caro] on avantgarde-saloon.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Well-known poker players impart their knowledge in articles and videos. Definition: The intention of the probe bet is to obtain information about the relative . 15 Jul I discuss two plays to make against a reluctant cbettor; Probe & Float bets. These are great to get the pre-flop raiser to fold when conditions are. 28 Jul Flop Turn River > Probe bet so when the pre-flop raiser checked, I made a probe bet of one third of Other Random Poker Dictionary Entries.

Poker tools are a variety of software or web-based applications that allow the statistical analysis each other to show the approximate winning percentage for each. The first such simulator, Poker Probe, was invented by Mike Caro in Definition of Probe Bet in the poker dictionary. Poker definition. Probe Bet. A small bet to gauge your opponent's reaction and see where you are in a hand. Continuation and Probe Bets by Chad Holloway of avantgarde-saloon.com Pre-flop raises are an essential part of any game of poker, whether it's no limit hold'em. 19 Sep Not sure where to post this question, but can anyone explain the difference between the stats probe bet and float? Thx in advance.


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