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Activity: A Plate Tectonic Puzzle called tectonic plates that fit together like a puzzle. “supercontinent” called Pangaea that was surrounded by an enormous . Instructions: You will be piecing together a puzzle of the supercontinent Pangea based on fossil and rock evidence on the present day continents. 1. On the. Wegener's theoretical continent, Pangaea, during the Permian Age . Create a jigsaw puzzle to represent the supercontinent. Pangaea. Materials. Scissors glue.

Pangaea Puzzle. Overview: During this activity, students analyze data collected by scientists to reach their own conclusions about how Earth's continents were. Solve the puzzle to discover what the Earth looked like zzo million years ago. this evidence to "reconstruct" Pangaea by matclring up landmass bounclaries. This map shows the continents as they appear today. Most of the continental land masses lie above sea level, but the true edges of the continents are not at the.

Can you reassemble a super-continent from a 'jigsaw puzzle'? Introduce the idea that the continents have not always been in their present positions by asking. 5 Mar Lab #_____: Pangaea Fit: The current continents seem to work like a jigsaw puzzle and fit creating the supercontinent of Pangaea. 4. These are images of the continents from the movie avantgarde-saloon.com that can be printed and cut up Download Pangea puzzle, pdf file for a regular printer (25 MB). Present-day continents are fragments of a “supercontinent” (Pangaea) that broke up about . Have the students arrange the puzzle pieces using the Key to Wegener's Evidence to support their . Dynamic Planet map (available as a pdf). Pangaea Puzzle. Grades. K Pangaea Puzzle. Overview: In this lesson, students use Alfred Wegener's observations to examine how continents once fit to-.

supercontinent Pangaea based on coastlines and various lines of evidence. avantgarde-saloon.com Document Tools () > Pangaea Continent Puzzle > Directions. into one supercontinent called Pangaea. As millions of years passed, Pangaea continents: They seemed to fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Consider. Materials. • photocopies of the “STUDENT PAGES”. • copies of the worksheets provided (puzzle pieces) – either grayscale (Appendix A) or color (Appendix B). proposed continental drift in - proposed all land mass was once a single body called. “Pangaea”. - Pangaea started to drift apart ~ million years ago.

Take a peek at the eight major clues that led scientists to first develop the theories of Pangaea, continental drift, and plate tectonics. The kids will take individual. IIIIIIIIIIII. Damn San. (Mad. SR). Antarctica. IKIFUPIALES. South. America. North. America. Australia. Africa. Arabia. { {. Europe reenland. Students' Pangaea Puzzle. B. Putting the puzzle together; internal structure of the Earth Activity #3: Puzzle of Pangea .. Pangea puzzle (cut out continents and legend from slide #81). Continental Puzzle. Purpose: To form a model on paper of a supercontinent. Pangaea. Materials scissors, tape, glue, colored pencils/crayons, copy of.


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